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The attachment between a child and the caregiver is the earliest and most significant relationships they will experience.

What Is Attachment?


When a child develops an emotional connection or bond with their primary caregiver it becomes critical to facilitate healthy and secure relationships. Their attachment relationships are developed and maintained through the therapy process.


When a child has established a secure attachment relationship with a primary caregiver he/she feels safe, trusting and confident when exploring his/her surroundings, and in establishing and maintaining intimate relationships and engaging in social interactions. Just as there are variations in the attachment disturbances children experience, there are also variations in healthy and secure attachment relationships which carry through into adulthood.


The caregiver role in the early attachment process is to provide a nurturing environment, safety and accessibility for the child. The caregiver is also an essential partner who assists in the co-regulation of the child’s emotional–psychosocial condition so that the child can eventually gain the capacity to self-regulate his/her own emotional processing.

As a secure attachment relationship is established, and their needs are met and maintained, the child’s coping and adaptive abilities are strengthened and he/she becomes resilient in dealing with stressors in his/her life.

When developmental trauma occurs due to exposure to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, these experiences significantly challenge a child’s emotional, neurological and physiological capabilities. The negative effects of early life experiences cause undue stress on a child and establish an internal view of the world and relationships that are unsafe, mistrustful and unpredictable. Their coping abilities and opportunities to become resilient are compromised in meeting the challenges incurred throughout their lifespan. Consequently, emotional–physiological dis-regulation ensues resulting in insecurities and disturbances in attachment. These conditions can lead to attachment disorders.

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